come up

come up
come up
1. Lit. to come from a lower place to a higher one. •

You can come up now. They are gone.

Come up and enjoy the view from the tallest rooftop in the county.

2. Lit. to come near; to approach. •

He came up and began to talk to us.

A heron came up while we were fishing, but it just ignored us.

3. Fig. to come to someone's attention. •

The question of what time to be there never came up.

The matter came up, but it was never dealt with.

* * *
{v.} 1. To become a subject for discussion or decision to talk about or decide about. * /"He was a good salesman, and price never came up until the very last," Mary said./ * /The question of wage increases came up at the board meeting./ * /Mayor Jones comes up for reelection this fall./ 2. To be equal; match in value. - Used with "to". * /The new model car comes up to last year's./ 3. To approach; come close. * /We saw a big black bear coming up on us from the woods./ * /Christmas is coming up soon./ * /The team was out practicing for the big game coming up./ 4. To provide; supply; furnish. - Used with "with". * /For years Jones kept coming up with new and good ideas./ * /The teacher asked a difficult question, but finally Ted came up with a good answer./

Dictionary of American idioms. 2013.

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