let well enough alone

let well enough alone
let well enough alone & leave well enough alone
to leave things as they are (and not try to improve them). •

There isn't much more you can accomplish here. Why don't you just let well enough alone?

This is as good as I can do. I'll stop and leave well enough alone.

* * *
or[leave well enough alone] {v. phr.} To be satisfied with what is good enough; not try to improve something because often that might cause more trouble. * /John wanted to make his kite go higher, but his father told him to let well enough alone because it was too windy./ * /Ed polished up his car until his friends warned him to leave well enough alone./ * /Ethel made a lot of changes in her test paper after she finished. She should have let well enough alone, because she made several new mistakes./ Compare: LET RIDE.

Dictionary of American idioms. 2013.