blow a fuse

blow a fuse
blow a fuse
1. to burn out the fuse on an electrical circuit and lose power. •

The microwave oven blew a fuse, so we had no power.

You'll blow a fuse if you use too many appliances at once.

2. and blow one's fuse; blow a gasket; blow one's cork; blow one's lid; blow one's top; blow one's stack Fig. to explode with anger; to lose one's temper. •

Come on, don't blow a fuse.

Go ahead, blow a gasket! What good will that do?

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or[blow a gasket] or[blow one's top] or[blow one's stack] {v. phr.}, {slang} To become extremely angry; express rage in hot words. * /When Mr. McCarthy's son got married against his wishes, he blew a fuse./ * /When the umpire called Joe out at first, Joe blew his top and was sent to the showers./ Syn.: BLOW UP(1b), FLIP ONE'S LID, LOSE ONE'S TEMPER. Compare: BLOW OFF STEAM(2).

Dictionary of American idioms. 2013.